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WorldSkills UK

KnowledgePoint Connect are enabling the largest BIM competition in the UK!

KnowledgePoint Ltd are enabling the largest BIM competition in the UK and are proud to be a part ofWordSkills UK BIM competition 2019. Steve Taylor has represented KnowledgePoint Ltd, project managing the competition and is enjoying overseeing the search to find the top BIM students in the UK right now. 

Steve Taylor reports Industry want students to have the skills that they need to ensure they are keeping at the cutting edge of technology in the collaborative world of BIM . We work really closely with the leaders in Education and Industry to design the biggest BIM competition in the UK for students, the competition is based on the Worldskills International Occupational standard and reflects what skills competitors need to become the top of their profession.”

The competition focuses on the essential requirements for a successful career in BIM Modelling. Competitors will be tested on performance using CAD to produce and interact with 3D Project Information Models in a Common Data Environment.

You can read the full story here https://www.knowledgepoint.co.uk/2019/07/24/knowledgepoint-ltd-are-enabling-the-largest-bim-competition-in-the-uk/


Day In The Life

When compiling your DITL Stories, please remember to include the following:

submission to be in powerpoint slides

the story of the event - why and how it was initiated

numbers and facts

what happened at the event

how it went

what were the outcomes

what were the benefits to students and industry participants


Forma Mentis Innovaction Award

At Connect’s ALP Summit in June, Luigi Santapaga from Forma Mentis presented the news story of their 2019 ‘Innovaction Award’. This program is aimed at students, to develop ideas and promote innovation. Previous years have seen students designing their perfect school, creating innovative products, and this year the focus was on reimagining parkland in Milan.

The program developed 49 students from 43 schools, and ran over 8 months, teaching them soft skills such as teamwork, personal growth, public speaking as well as technical skills on products including Autodesk Fusion and Revit in the context of generative design.

You can see the presentation slides, which includes links to videos here.

Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan student competition

CAD Academy have produced a great story around a student competition. This worldwide competition ran over 7 months, CAD Academy participated in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, engaging over 200 students from 7 institutions including Focus Accounts and AAPs. You can see the presentation of the full story from Assel Akhmetkaliyeva  here.


BIM in action

The restoration of Notre-Dame Cathedral will use Building Intelligence Modelling in a three way collaboration between specialist consultant Art Graphique & Patrimoine (AGP), the  historical monument contractor’s association GMH and Autodesk. AGP scanned the roof a few years ago, and this is the only known scan of the area most affected by the fire.




News from Autodesk University London 18-19 June 2019.

At this year's event there was a focus on customers who are leading the way in industry convergence and blurring the lines between construction and manufacturing, plus some awe-inspiring new projects created with generative design

The Autodesk news article can be found here.

Recap the keynote sessions and watch our live streams on-demand here https://www.autodesk.com/autodesk-university/conference/live-stream

If you want to follow what the participants were saying about the event, search for #AULondon on LinkedIn


Autodesk and City of Paris partnership leads to a competition to reimagine the landscape around the Eiffel Tower.

Highly recommended is a read of an inspiring story about the City of Paris naming the winning design team to reimagine the Eiffel Tower landscape using BIM. There are also videos of the competition entrants to bring these designs to life.


Where can I get information resources about “The future of manufacturing – making things in a changing world”?

a. The Autodesk Future of Making Things resource center for manufacturing gives you access to resources for leadership, mechanical engineering, injection molding and manufacturing, such as
i. Articles
ii. Reports
iii. eBooks
iv. Infographics
v. “Executive bites” (short information articles)

b. The Autodesk Manufacturing Resource Center is available on (https://www.autodesk.com/industry/manufacturing/resources/engineering-leadership#)


Want to learn about Articifial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

TED Talks have a collection of resources here https://www.ted.com/topics/ai

Autodesk have published a number of videos on their YouTube channel including:

The AI Lab at Autodesk

Autodesk, Humans + AI = Future of Designing & Making

From AI for Design to AI for Making

And for the viewpoint from an AI platform provider, see their webinar on Operational AI In Action for Manufacturing


Want to know more about the application of technology in the construction industry?

For an independent view of how technology in the construction industry is making constructors reconsider how they design and build, this article highlights some key projects at the cutting edge.

Included are videos showing how a house was built using robots; how GPS and drones improve accuracy of groundworks; why "off-site" or "modular" construction is light years away from the old ideas of "pre-fabrication"; and crucially for training providers, show that the skills gap in the construction industry could be better filled through improvements in productivity via digitalisation.

And from the cutting-edge to the historic....this article provides a great overview of the history of automation in construction, go all the way back to offsite construction and prefabrication techniques from 210 BC ! There is an ebook at the end of the article too, showcasing the outcomes from a Robotics in Contruction summit last year, it's great reading.


Do you know what CAM is, and what a CAM system is used for?

Here are some helpful resources:

CAM description document - https://www.atcgeoportal.net/documents/use-of-a-cam-system
Starter guide for CNC machining https://www.autodesk.com/industry/manufacturing/resources/manufacturing-engineer/ebook-types-of-cnc-machining
Autodesk manufacturing resource center for more articles and downloads https://www.autodesk.com/industry/manufacturing/resources/manufacturing-engineer